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The feed factor of the antenna is about 3 feet off the ground. Currently you have cords that are about a halfwave on 40M as well as 20M. Cut a solitary item of cable concerning 5% longer than your antenna. Do not make use of twin lead for this wire; make use of a single uninsulated cable.

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Throughout my very first outing with the half-square, I was able to make contacts on 40M, 20M, and 15M at 5 watts with no difficulty. The antenna is a half-wavelength on 40M, as well as it appears to play well on that band. I had numerousReverse Beacon Networkspots on 40M revealing a signal-to-noise of 20db or much better. I used some Goop ® glue to the loophole at the end of the cord to hold it with each other. I also included Goop ® to each of the various other accessory loopholes.

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There are certainly far better ways to construct a delta loophole. Nonetheless, I just wished to see if I could develop an useful antenna making use of just economical speaker cable. You can, however, reduced the leftover wire in half to make two radials for 20M. I set up a spade lug on each of these cords and twisted the other ends to make a tiny loophole.

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Like my otherspeaker wire projects, this antenna is constructed from a 50-foot length of economical, two-conductor cable. HF radio antenna wire These results, certainly, are extremely depending on the tuner you’re making use of. There’s second best about the 50-ft length. You can trim the radiator back to a size that supplies a less complicated match.

I included a spade lug on one end of each cable as well as made a little loop in the other end. Obtain a 50-foot size of two-conductor speaker cable. In a previous blog post, I mentioned an antenna of mine that went missing out on. The antenna in question was a variation of my old Dollar Store Special. After I developed a replacement, I discovered the original in my vehicle. Not a problem; as the name recommends, it had not been a massive monetary investment.

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